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Fun fun English !

5 juillet 2021

Learning a foreign language can be challenging but never impossible. I believe that having fun while learning is the best way to discover a different language. Being able to interact with others in a group helps motivate, not only ourselves, but others in the group as well. Through my experience, I have learned that songs and games are a great way to stay motivated and learn with ease.

In order not to overwhelm students, what I teach is comparable to what children learn in French at a young age. I feel that starting from numbers, colors and animals (for preschoolers) before moving on to expressing feelings, describing someone and U.S. symbols (5th graders) is an excellent way to help to students prepare for the rest of their time in school.

I enjoy helping children discover English and I am always happy when I see the joy in their eyes. My hope is that their joy of learning will continue throughout their lives and they will continue to learn English with delight.

Mister BRENT

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